Our belief in our people
- He Tangata

Aroha property services is a holistic business concept providing a quality solution to people in need of decent property service at a competitive market rate. We strive for affordability without undercutting our quality. We strongly believe in getting the job done right without taking short cuts. Such values are fundamental to us as we believe this is what Waiheke Island is about. It has been proven over and over again that proper work endures. And it is always wiser to measure twice and cut once.

Origin of Aroha Property Services

Aroha Property Services on Waiheke took off with gardening and landscaping, full of fun and learning along the way. Starting off small by first purchasing a pair of gloves. A few years later these small endeavours developed into more complex operations such as participating in the Waiheke Resource Trust, under the umbrella of restoring our wetlands projects and planting over 40000 native trees.

Education, Certifications, Experiences

The main operator at APS, Simon, has familiarised himself with property management as a trade contractor working on the construction of several prestigious Waiheke homes. Initially, Simon moved to the island after completing his BSc. degree in marine biology at Waikato University. For three years he assisted with drainage, plumbing, electricity etc. and developed a broad range of property service skills. Contract work with Evenflow Plumbing, Waiheke gardening and landscaping and Waiheke Resource Trust provided Simon with the experience behind Aroha Property Services.