Kia ora and welcome to
Aroha Property Services

on Waiheke Island

How can we help you today?

Just as Aroha stands for compassion, our job as local property management contractors is to provide fast, reliable and immediate assistance around your properties!

Why do we believe in compassion? Well, it became clear to us that living on Waiheke depends on trust, effectiveness and communication. These are the challenges we face here and we want to be a part of the solution.

So, whether it is from gardening to water safety or just general care of your home… we´ve got you covered.


What can be done for you?

Drone operation

This is where academic surveying skills from
a previous career in marine biology meet practical needs in property care. This state of the art DJi MAVIC AIR 3 drone is truly one of the best aerial camera drones available on the New Zealand market. With its Swedish handmade Hasselblad camera,
4/3 CMOS/20MP and 5.1 K resolution it truly punches above its weight. (Remember, Hasselblad was on the Moon with Neil Armstrong!) Many times this drone has come in handy for mapping and observing planted areas using aerial photography. It is also used daily
for the surveying of hard to reach areas like roofs and chimneys. This beautiful machine is a core element
of our business.

lawn mowing
and landscaping

This service has proven to be the bread and butter
of property management. It's an ongoing issue that every homeowner can not run away from! With over
a decade of experience no task is too big for us and we gladly accept such challenges.

Certified chainsawing
and treecare

Thanks to years of cooperation with the Waiheke Resource Trust, Simon is capable of providing certified arborist chain sawing and tree care.

From planting trees to pruning them. Sharp blade for any cut!

Section clearing, 4x4 Truck waste transfer

When it is too late and the property has gotten out of hand, thorough section clearing is a good restart to any section that needs immediate attention.

A 4-wheel drive flat deck truck saves time and money when moving anything needed to the rubbish transfer station.

Filters & Pumps sales and service

Professional knowhow about local water setups both in commercial and residential settings. Safe water management all the way from the tank to the tap! Our service focuses on water improvement, so your water doesn't have to smell and taste unpleasantly. Most improvements are achieved by designing compatible water filtration setups, following adequate standards. We can provide you with a rainwater system report and provide adequate recommendations for improvements from your local specialists.

Consultation & skilled labour

Need any help? Feeling stuck? Reach out and someone friendly from our team will take the time to give you some solid advice.

Truck transport

Anything heavier and bigger that needs moving?
All it will cost you is the driver´s wage and a flat fee
of 60 NZD for the truck hire plus 2 NZD per kilometre to move anything up to 6 cubic meters anywhere.

Emergency callouts

Stuck with anything? Need assistance immediately? For triple rate we are willing to swap over priorities and come to help you. Everything is easier with another pair of hands!

Watertank cleaning

We have all the necessary equipment to fully clean your tank in between water filling. This procedure is often recommended with our water blasting service so your remaining water is not wasted.

Septic & irrigation management

Thorough understanding of local wastewater systems. Professional experience with servicing domestic wastewater systems such as the reliable Biolytix. Just a step away from providing annual inspections and reports about your system condition.


Using a commercial scale Kärcher water blaster no residential water blasting project is too big. A water cooled alloy motor allows this amazing machine (from Germany) to run for hours without needing a break. With a recently acquired certificate for working at heights, Simon is fully qualified to work in unstable conditions including harnessed on your roof.

our belief

Our belief in our people - He Tangata Aroha property services
is a holistic business concept providing a quality solution to people
in need of decent property service at a competitive market rate. We strive for affordability without undercutting our quality. We strongly believe in getting the job done right without taking short cuts. Such values are fundamental to us as we believe this is what Waiheke Island is about. It has been proven over and over again that proper work endures. And it is always wiser to measure twice and cut once.


Check out my previous work

Rather than continuing to tell you what I can do, why not take a look for yourself? I’m proud of all my previous projects, and believe the success I’ve managed to cultivate in the past speaks for itself. Follow the link below to see some of my work.

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Our friendly staff can provide a free onsite consultation (usually worth 100$ per hour visit).
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